Tiny Tip Tuesday: 3 places you would not think to shop at for gluten free products

Gluten free aisle at Bulk Barn
More and more retailers are starting to carry gluten free products.  Gone are the days of having to shop at only specialty stores, as retailers are more aware of the gluten free diet and stocking the shelves.

I bet you would not have thought to shop at these places for gluten free foods:
Stocked shelves at Winners/ Home Sense

  1. Costco - Yes the wholesaler is carrying more and more gluten free products now, from soups, to meats, to crackers to meatballs!  Enjoy getting lost in the wholesaler wonderland
  2. Winners / Home Sense - Winners has a gourmet food section, which is always stocked with the most interesting mixes, and snacks.  You can pick up anything from boutique cake mixes and crackers, to glutino pretzels, and Pamela's mixes.  Not to mention pick up a nice pair of pants and shirt on the way out too!
  3. Bulk Barn - Each bulk barn has an aisle dedicated to gluten free products, from mixes, to crackers and chips like Cheecha Puffs and Beenitos.  Also, each bin has a list of ingredients so you can confirm if the item is gluten free.  Kinnikinnick also just confirmed that Bulk Barn will be carrying their products too!

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