Hunt's Harvest Gluten Free Baking

Colleen from Hunt's Harvest emailed me before the new year about her gluten free selection.  Since September 2012 Hunt's Harvest have been been making/baking gluten free items for the farmers markets across Edmonton. Since October, Colleen herself began a gluten free diet due to health issues.

In an email Colleen explained "My baking selection is now about 90% gluten free. I can only sell in farmer's markets because I do not have a commercial kitchen.  All my recipes have to pass the "I can't tell it's Gluten Free" test from my husband, who is not."

Hunt's Harvest offers gluten free chocolate or yellow cake mixes, soup or casserole dry mixes, snowball cookies, shortbread cookies, peanut butter cookies, garlic/cheddar biscuits, cheddar/onion perogies, french bread, chocolate brownies with cream cheese icing, donut holes, maple pecan muffins, almond bars.

Other gluten free recipes in the works are a sour dough bread recipe and a bagel recipe.  Colleen often experiments with new recipes.

Have you tried Hunt's Harvest gluten free baked goods and mixes yet?  Let us know what you thought!

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  1. Which Farmer's Markets can we find her products at???

  2. What process does Collen have to indicate about stated 90% g/f in her products from a home based kitchen?
    she does not state how she adresses cross contamination

  3. Linda 2012 was our first year at the markets so we did separate baking days for regular and gluten free items. Now we are renovating the house so the main kitchen is gluten free and the kitchen annex is non gluten free. Separate mixers, pans, utensils and surfaces for both forms of baking. It is the only way I can think of keeping it safe. Sheri, starting March I am at the Lac la Biche market on Friday and the Athabasca market on Saturday. Still trying to find a good fit for my products in the city on Wednesday.

  4. Linda and Sherri we have since cleared all gluten flour from our house, I wanted to be able to provide gluten free items with confidence. As of April 10th I will be at the Castledowns farmers market and in May the Callingwood farmers market on Wed. I am offering several types of fresh baked bread, cakes, cookies, croutons, bread crumbs and the list goes on. Hope to see you there and I always have free samples!


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