Hold the Gluten! Cookies by George Introduce a Macaroon

Cookies by George has ventured into the land of gluten free, starting with a gluten free macaroon.  What's the significance of that?  Well, its just that Cookies by George makes amazing cookies.

Amanda and I tried them and they lived up to a Cookies by George cookie.  Soft, chewy and oh so chocolaty!

Of course I contacted Cookies by George to learn about their cross contamination protocols and also offered some suggestions.

Here is what they Linda, the General Manage said:
Yes, there are  additional steps we take to reduce the risk of cross contamination.  Our cookies are made from scratch, in small batch recipes, using only the best ingredients.  We produce several varieties of cookies, all made with flour, with the exception of our new Gluten Free (G/F) Macaroon cookie.  In an effort to reduce the risk of cross contamination our Macaroon G/F cookie is produced on a separate day than other variations.  All surfaces are wiped down prior to production to eliminate or minimize any flour dust that may have settled over night.  Our stores then receive the cookie dough and they hand scoop the cookie dough and bake fresh cookies throughout the day.  The stores have been instructed to follow these guidelines:  All Macaroon G/F cookies must be: scooped using a clean/sanitized cookie scoop; baked on a new silicon baking sheet with every tray that is baked; clean tongs or new disposable gloves must be worn when handling the Macaroon G/F cookie.  Our stores are also instructed to inform all customers that we cannot 100% guarantee that our Macaroon G/F cookie has not come in contact with flour and, therefore, anyone with severe allergies to gluten should not purchase our cookies.
Let us know if you've tried their macaroon yet!

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