Guest post for Leva's Gluten Free Options

Amanda and I can't make it out to all of the restaurants around Edmonton, so we love it when our readers help us out.  Ashley wrote us a guest blog post on Leva's in Edmonton's university area.

Ashley writes:

Leva is an original, contemporary café and bar located in the University area. They offer a variety of gf pizzas (made on a rice flour crust) for an additional $5. I personally enjoy their artichoke pizza with added grilled chicken. They also offer around 5 fresh salads each day (e.g., greek, bean and almond, roasted chicken and spinach, etc.) with most of them being gf. They also serve gf hummus and veggies and a daily soup, that is more often than not, gluten-free. As a bonus, if you also have lactose sensitivities but still like your lattes, all of their hot beverages can be made with soy or almond milk.

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  1. I've been to Leva a few times now and I'm always happy with how knowledgeable the staff is about my dietary needs. friendly service, and good food.


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