Gluten Free Edmonton and the @Yeggies

No, Yeggies has nothing to do with little eggs from Edmonton, but it does have to do with Edmonton.  We've been nominated for a Yeggie award!
The Yeggies are an annual digital media award show created to recognize and celebrate outstanding social media content creators in the capital region. It’s an awards show to highlight some of the amazing talent we have here in Edmonton — from people who code websites themselves, to those who write, speak, draw, all on their own time. Yeggies recipients inspire, evoke, inform, educate and entertain us, and they do it because they have a passion for it. -- 
The Yeggies has several categories, such as Best in Sports, Best in Political Science, Best Twitter Persona as well as Best in Food, which is the award we are up for.

I can tell you that Amanda and I are absolutely flattered that we have not only been nominated, but shortlisted as a finalist.  I don't know who nominated us, but we do thank you and appreciate your support.  Recognition like this reaffirms that what we are doing may actually make a difference to more people with Celiac Disease than we think.

I do often receive emails, simply thanking Amanda and I for the work we do and how it has made their lives easier managing their gluten free diet.  I am always flattered and thank them for their support.  Emails from the community really do motivate us to work harder and not disappoint.

However, we really have to thank all of you that continue to support our blog, email us, comment on our Gluten Free Edmonton Facebook page and even Tweet us @gfreeYEG some of the stuff you find.  So, THANK YOU!  Your help makes OUR lives easier keeping up the blog and finding new gluten free products to write about, great gluten free friendly restaurants to eat at and the best places to shop gluten free.

I would like to congratulate all the nominees especially those in the Best in Food category:
All the best to everyone.  What a great foodie community we have here in Edmonton!  Cheers to the #yegfood!

Click here to read more about the Yeggies.

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  1. Congratulations to you both! I love your site and it has been an inspiration and a valuable tool often ... so you two seriously deserve the recognition for the hard work you have put and continue to into this website!



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