Tiny Tip Tuesday! Top 5 Celiac Expense Tax Tips

Well, it's January, so that means it is Tax season.  If you didn't collect your receipts to submit your tax expense, here are 5 tips to get you on track for your gluten free expenses.
  1. Collecting Receipts - We collect receipts that have gluten free products on them through the year and put them in an envelope marked gluten free.
  2. Highlight the gluten free item on the receipt and write what it was (sometimes receipts are not marked well)
  3. Use a spreadsheet -  At the end of the year, use a spread sheet to itemize each product and do your calculation.  Use the sample gluten free expense sheet for Celiacs in the guest post by TurboTax.
  4. Getting the regular prices - To get the regular price, just go to wal-mart, or superstore, and write down the cost of each regular item so you can do the comparison to the gluten free product.  The great thing, is that you typically by Gluten Free Bread, Gluten Free Cookies, Gluten Free breakfast bars etc., so there are not many types of foods you need to capture because you don't need to compare gluten free chocolate chip cookies with gluten free chocolate chip cookies, just gluten free cookies in general.
  5. Doctors note - Make sure you have your doctors note stating that you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Keep it for your records just in case you ever get audited.

Here is a link to Revenue Canada with more information about claiming gluten free purchases.

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