It's Tiny Tip Tuesday! Top 5 Gluten Free Recipes in 2012

Jamie Oliver's Rustic Smashed Potato
I'm going to try a new segment that seems like a great idea.  We know people like quick lists, top recipes, top restaurants, top tips... etc.  So consider this the first Tiny Tip Tuesday!  I hope to make it a gluten free list mania this year.  So let us know what type of top 5's you want to hear about!

This weeks Tiny Tip Tuesdays is our top 5 recipes for 2012!  We thought it would be neat to share the top 5 recipes that everyone checked out the most in 2012!

  1. Jamie Oliver's Rustic Smashed Potato - Great recipe we found while watching his 20 minute meals show!
  2. Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Apple Muffins - A recipe Amanda tried out from a Allergy Free cook book she found while in Toronto
  3. Mustard and Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon - One of our favourite recipes that we have almost monthly.
  4. Vermicelli and Salad Rolls with Gluten Free Peanut Sauce - Such an easy recipe to make, no wonder it is visited so often.
  5. Gluten Free Shawarma by Haggis and Herring - This is possible our favorite recipe from this list.  We have made this for guests in the past on a number of occasions and we always get asked for the recipe.

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