Gluten free, dairy free, Screamin Brothers Ice Cream is Screaming of Flavour

A lot of people think it is important to #buylocal and #buyalberta.  Did you know there is some great ice cream made right here in Alberta?  Screamin Brothers out of Lethbridge, Alberta gave us some ice cream to try, so we decided to sample it with some friends at our New Years party.

We got to sample their Mocha, Orange Pineapple, Vanilla and Mint Chocolate flavors.  They came in the pint size containers, like a Ben and Gerry's container size. Good thing they were only this size, because those ice creams packed some punch when it came to flavors so you wouldn't want to be eating a whole tub of it at once anyways.  It is a great ice cream to have with some gluten free cookies or gluten free cake.

We were lucky enough to have several dairy free guests/friends at the table too, so we had a good mix of people tasting.  Everyone agreed that the Mocha packed the most punch, and is for the coffee lover in you.  Orange Pineapple seemed to be everyone's favorite and Mint Chocolate chip was a close second.  Two of our vegetarian friends who try to stay dairy free, said that the vanilla ice cream was the closest to "regular" dairy free ice cream has ever come in taste, texture etc. They really enjoyed it.

Here are some interesting facts about Screamin Brothers non-dairy ice creams:
  • 5% of net profits are donated to support children locally and internationally.
  • They use organic coconut milk in their frozen treats.
  • Honey from their farm and other Alberta farms is used to create the unique sweetness in their products. 
  • The maple syrup is Canadian and organic.
  • When available, they source their fruit from local producers.
  • The extracts used in their frozen treats are pure.
  • The raw cacao used to make their chocolate flavors is organic, Fair Trade.
  • Their frozen treat paper cups and lids are recyclable in regions where milk cartons are also recyclable.
  • They are able to compost 100% of the organic materials used to produce their products.
  • The refrigeration on their delivery trucks is powered by electricity, helping reduce their carbon footprint.
Currently Screamin Brothers is not widely distributed across Alberta, so check the Screamin Brothers website for retail locations that you can buy their product.  Also, ask your local retailer to stock their shelves with this local Alberta product!  That will certainly help get this product to a store near you.

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