Does Crave Cupcakes in Edmonton Make Gluten Free Cakes too?

Yes, yes they do!  I have to admit, we haven't tried them, but Crave Cupcakes did contact us to tell us that they do carry gluten free 6" cakes now as well as their gluten free cupcakes.

Here is what Laura Christensen from Crave Cupcakes had to say:
"We are really excited to have Gluten Free cupcakes on our menu everyday!
I though  would send you a quick update from the bakery – we are now baking full sized 6” chocolate cakes, with the same Gluten Free Friendly chocolate cake recipe from our cupcake menu."
Click here for info on their gluten free cakes.  Please contact Laura at with any questions

Click here for more info on Crave Cupcakes gluten free cupcakes found in Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon.

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