Original Pancake House in Winnipeg Serves Gluten Free Pancakes

Now here's something that I never thought I would see for a long while, gluten free pancakes served at a restaurant.  But I guess it was due, since hamburgers, sandwiches, pizza, crepes and pasta are already served gluten free at various restaurants, why not pancakes?

The Original Pancake House in Winnipeg is a local chain breakfast restaurant that of course specializes in pancakes.  They even sell their standard batter in containers because people love their pancakes so much.

Amanda's parents are originally from Winnipeg, and The Original Pancake House was a staple breakfast place for them.  So every time they visit, there is usually a trip there.  Since Amanda's Celiac diagnosis, she has tried to avoid the Pancake House thinking there is not much there for her to eat.

Well, during our last visit, there was no avoiding.  This was her parents honorary visit for Amanda's late grandmother whom loved eating there.  So Amanda figured, at least she'll have an omelette.  But to our surprise, when the menu was opened, they listed that they could serve gluten pancakes and waffles.  There was lots of choice of what was able to be made gluten free.  Click here to out their menu.  All gluten free items are marked with an *.

Amanda tried the Ambrosia Waffle* "Our tasty Belgian Waffle topped with Cream Cheese, Sliced Bananas, and Strawberries".  Which she really enjoyed.  She compared the waffle to the gluten free Bisquick we have bought in the past.  Something she will probably order again or even try to make at home.

Great to know there is a great gluten free breakfast restaurant to go to for our next visit to Winnipeg!

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