More Gluten Free Shopping Info at Safeway

We know that some of you may have already seen this information, but we wanted to be sure to share it with everyone else out there who may have not yet seen it.

While recently stopping in at our local Safeway for a bus pass and a few odds and ends we found a display with brochures/pamphlets about Gluten Free Living. In it there is a quick outline about Celiac Disease and a bit of information about where to find gluten free products at Safeway.  We were happy to see Safeway continuing to support gltuen free living and educating the gluten free diet as we wrote about a Safeway gluten free brochure two years ago.

I'll be the first to admit that Safeway is not our regular go-to grocery store. This is partially because of price, partially because of location and partially because of selection. I am a person who goes first for price even if it means that I have to go a little bit further out of my neighborhood. We have mentioned a few particular gluten free products we have found at Safeway and we are always pleased to see that grocery stores (especially large ones) are recognizing a need for gluten free sections and increased gluten free product availability.

Their updated brochure talks about Celiac Disease, the gluten free diet and has a list of gluten free products they carry including Bob's Red Mill, Cheecha, Kinnikinnick, Betty Crocker, Blue Diamond, Mary's and Midel.

Where do our readers find their gluten free selection? Which stores offer the best gluten free options? Is price always your key selling feature?

Please let us know, we are always eager to hear from our readers.

Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta


  1. The Safeway in Meadowlark is terrible. They used to have a wonderful gluten free section, they got rid of it for a candy isle. Really frustrating. Yes, Safeway has gone out of their way for this brochure, but i find they don't back it up with the products they offer in every store. The Safeway in Oliver, is the best Safeway I've seen for gluten free. Its frustrating the lack of consistancy.

  2. I was just in the Safeway on Whyte Ave yesterday checking out their GF selection. They do have Kinnikinnick doughnuts and a small variety of rice breads & bagels in the small freezer in the produce section. Their Bob's Red Mill products are an end point stand in the frozen foods section - directly across from it in another stand are the rice papers and other random items that don't fit in anywhere else in the store. That's about it, other than Country Style GF sandwich meats (in Turkey, Chicken and two kinds of Ham).

    We normally shop at Planet Organic for all our GF needs, although I've been tipped off to check out Bulk Barn too. However, when we make the trip to Superstore for other items, they at least have pretty decent two aisles of organics or "smart food" in which the last of one of them is dedicated to GF products.

  3. I agree that the lack of consistency between stores is very frustrating. I usually shop at Safeway in Sherwood Park (Wye Rd) but they don't carry a lot of the GF items I need so I have to go to the Safeway in Bonnie Doon to get what Sherwood Park doesn't have.

    Bonnie Doon has a GF "aisle", but it's also the natural food aisle so there are non-gf items mixed in there. I've actually gotten "glutened" at least once because I bought something that was in the gluten free aisle but it wasn't gluten free. I've considered mentioning it to Safeway because I don't think everything should be all mixed up together, but I just decided to be more careful and always check the labels.

  4. Bonnie Doon Safeway is always my go to, Fresh Meat, veggies and fruit are always good and even though it may be more expensive it is close to where I live the above stated are good and there is a great amount of G-FREE options. Also on your receipt it labels all G-FREE items

  5. The Safeway in Capilano has a huge selection of gluten free options. Both my children and I have celiacs and we never go without anything we need or want. Safeway has even recently added a gluten free cheesecake to its baking isle. Lots of different varieties of breads!


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