It's Movember in Edmonton

You all know that in September my brother Daniel Saraga of Haggis and Herring recently passed away.  I've struggled to think about how can I tribute my brother.  I never know if I am doing too little or too much.  But I have talked with a few people and know that there is only so much I can do to tribute and remember my brother.  I have two things in mind.  One is private to me and my family.  The other, is to participate in Movember (formerly known as November).

Why Movember?  Well, every year my brother would put away his shaver and grow a mustache.  He was in it to promote men's health.  After all, Movember is not just about raising awareness about prostate cancer, but men's health in general.  And my brother always took care of himself, always went to the doctor when he was ill or felt like something was wrong.

So I thought I would tribute my brother by promoting men's health.  I my self have not been good about going to the doctor.  So I thought, if I am going to participate in Movember, I have to book a complete physical, which is now booked for December.

Here are some stats about how Movember has helped improve men's health in Canada:
  • 90% of participants spent time thinking about improving their health
  • 75% of discussed their health with family, friends or colleagues during Movember
  • 35% understood that their health depends on how well they take care of themselves
  • 66% of participants have had a recent general check-up
  • 48% carried out personal research on men’s health issues during Movember
So, what I am asking for?  First, and most importantly, if you are a dude, book your annual physical   Get yourself checked out because you don't have to wait to get sick to see a doctor.  If your a female, get your loved one to check themselves out.  Secondly, Movember has grown and brought to light men's health, and has done a good job at having men talk about their health and even ensure men start to take care of their own health.  So make a donation on My Mospace, so Movember can continue its campaign for Prostate Cancer Canada, Awareness & Education, Global Action Plan and Canadian Male Health Network.

Click here to make a donation on my MoSpace.

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  1. This is a very good cause, if only I had been aware before. I'm a prostate cancer survivor and though I'm completely healed, our chance of ever conceiving a baby was gone. We are now considering adoption and are asking around.

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