Gluten Free Meal Options at Simply Supper

 Kofta's with rice.  We made our chickpea salad and
bought some tzatziki.
This is going to sound like an infomercial for Simply Supper, but truly its not!  First, what is Simply Supper?  In my opinion, it is a place for people that have a lot on a go, and need great tasting, easy to put together meals available.

How it works is that every month Simply Supper has a new menu of just over a dozen meals.  You buy a package of x amount of meals, and Simply Supper does all the prep work for you for the meals you choose.  They source all the food for you, they do all the cutting of the vegetables, make the sauces etc.  The store is setup with stations for each meal, with a list of ingredients you need for it.  You ziplock x amount of chicken, x amount of sauce etc, put it in a bigger ziplock with pre-printed cooking instructions.  Take it all home and freeze it.  The day before you want the meal, you take it out of the freezer to thaw it out to cook the next day.  Typically each meal takes about 20-30 minutes to cook because all the prep work has been done already.

Tandori chicen with rice. 
I'll admit, at first, Amanda and I were totally skeptical about this business model.  We had the mentality that "oh we can just do this at home".

So why did we try it?  Well, it was my employers idea.  Or more of a thoughtful gift they got us after my brother passed away in September.  I don't know but for some reason, when you are mourning a loss, people feed you like crazy.  I guess they don't want you to forget to eat.  My office knew I was in Toronto attending to my family and my brothers affairs for two weeks.  So that meant that when we got home, we would have nothing in our fridge, and no meals prepared.  So quite thoughtfully, they went out to Simply Supper as an office, and packed up a dozen meals for us.

The inside of Simply Supper.  Those are just some of the work stations
Also available, was pop and coffee for those putting
together their mels
My office did their due diligence and asked about gluten free meals, which are all marked on Simply Supper's menu.  They either say IT IS gluten free, IT CAN BE MADE gluten free, or IT IS NOT gluten free.  When you schedule your time to put together your meal (or you can pay a small fee to have them do it for you), you make sure you let them know it is a gluten free meal, and they will tell you to follow the the gluten free guidelines.  Simply Supper, sources gluten free pasta's and gluten free flours etc. when needed.

So how have we found the Simply Supper meals so far?  Fantastic, infact we had gone back to pick up a few more already.  Not only are they easy to make, but they taste amazing too.  So that whole "oh we can just do this at home" shpeal, becomes not as true anymore because Simply Supper knows how to put a good recipe together.  And "doing this at home", certainly takes away the convenience of it all.

Obviously some meals are better than others, but our two favourite meals so far were from the September menu when this was gifted to us.  They were the kofta's (turkish meatballs), and tandori chicken.  You would think these were restaurant meals.  We have also tried the maple chipotle salmon, firecracker chicken, chicken courdon blue with gluten free pasta and a few others.

Currently the price structure is:

You Make:Pick Up:Cost per Serving*:
Best deal!!!Terrific Twelve
(4-6 servings)
$325add $35$4.51
Tiny Twelve
(2-3 servings)
$185add $35$5.14
Scrumptious Six
(4-6 servings)
$180add $15$5.00
Skinny Six
(2-3 servings)
$100add $15$5.56

Simply Supper is located at 23rd Ave. and Rabbit Hill Rd.  Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I went and did the "Simply Suppers" idea a few times before I was diagnosed ... thanks for reminding me that the options for Celiacs also extend to the "Simply Suppers" menus ~ that is so awesome. It was a great way to spark my imagination in the kitchen then, could use some now ... and also as you mentioned great for the busy schedule and the question "oh what to eat now" :) Thanks for the reminder :) Cheers


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