Dinner with friends, gluten free style

The other day we had dinner with our Celiac friends.  Which meant, we got to have a gluten free style potluck!  Which meant no worries of cross contamination for Amanda and our other friends with Celiac.

The result?  A great night, with great friends and of course great food.  We have written about potlucks in the past.  But we wrote about hosting a potluck with non-celiac's, but not a strictly gluten free potluck.  So what's the difference?  No worries about cross contamination.  Now that was a big deal for the Celiac's at our house.

Dani put it best when she rushed to the table to start picking at the food first.  She first apologized for barging her way through, because she is so used to doing that at potlucks, because she wants to get to food before any cross contamination.  But guess, there was no need, because everything was gluten free!

So on the featured menu items!

Chicken Shawarma - A la my late brothers haggis and herring
Magic Sauce - A la my late brothers haggis and herring
Quinoa Veggis Dish - A la Sherri from High on Life and Gluten Free
"Birthday Salad" By RL, unfortunately, we thought we wrote about this one, but didn't.  So it will follow later.
Awesome Enchiladas - A vegetarian dish from Monica at Tasty and Gluten Free
Gluten free lemon cupcakes and shortbread jelly cookies - A wonderful dish from the talented Dani

I totally forgot to snap a good shot of the food at the beginning because everyone charged the table so quickly.  The food all looked so good!  And it was.  I recommend all the recipes.

Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta


  1. I agree - it was a most enjoyable evening ... so nice to go to a Potluck where everyone shared the making of the food and we were all still safe in eating everything. Delightful ... thank you :)

  2. I want the recipe for those cookies and the other things in the bottom pic!! They look awesome!! Love the local blog by the way you have been and will continue to be a great resource to me on my gluten free journey :) Thanks.


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