Congratulations to Edmonton's own Kinnikinnick Foods

Kinnikinnick Foods in Edmonton has had a great week as reported by Global TV Edmonton.  Kinnikinnick recently received a $1 Million investment from the Canadian's Harper federal government through Canada's Economic Action Plan.  This will help Kinnikinnick invest in new equipment and hire more staff in order to keep up with demand.

I guess Kinnikinnick is growing more!  Way to go!  I love to hear Canadian success stories like this.  Kinnikinnick recently presented at the annual general meeting for Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter.  It was great to hear about how Kinnikinnick started as a stand at a farmers market and has now grown to what they are today, one of the largest, and one of the best gluten free bakeries.  Kinnikinnick already holds great market position in Canada and the United States, and looking at overseas markets is certainly not out of the question now.

I'm hoping this investment also helps them to serve the food services industry more so people with Celiac Disease can go out to restaurants and eat safely.

All the best to Kinnikinnick and your future endeavours.  Thank you for making great tasting gluten free products, and serving the Edmonton Celiac community well with a great fresh bakery.  We still think your gluten free cupcakes are the best we have every tasted (and I mean as a cupcake in general).

Click here to watch the news story about Kinnikinnick on Global TV Edmonton

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