Kay's Delicatessen in Winnipeg Serves it up Gluten Free!

Recently we were visiting some of my family in Winnipeg, MB and we found ourselves searching for some different gluten free foods to try. Now, I have been to Winnipeg numerous times through out my lifetime, but Abisaac has only now been twice, both times to visit with me.

While we were only in town for a few days and had lots of family gatherings to attend we made sure to stop by two of my favorite gluten free places in Winnipeg. Firstly we stopped for a deli sandwich at Kay's Delicatessen on William Street right near Red River College. I had been there before, but felt the need to show it to Abisaac. They have a large a variety of sandwiches and wraps, smoothies and coffees all of which can be made gluten free.

Though I have no actual factual knowledge regarding Kay's Delicatessen, to me the place looks like it used to be or was based on the old Chinese restaurants I used to go to as a child. The walls and the ceiling are textured in metallic and you place your order at what looks like it was once the hostess position before taking your seat and waiting for your meal to arrive.

I had the gluten free Kay's Reuben sandwich and holy moly was it ever awesome! If you know me at all, you'd know that I often choose seemingly basic or easy to make items off a new menu and base my decision about the restaurants abilities to make good foods on those simple/basic items before venturing into the more complex meal choices. Well, that and the more common menu choices also tend to offer me a better ability to guess the carbohydrate content of whatever it is I am eating, thereby making for smooth(er) diabetes management.

The Reuben sandwich was loaded with great corned beef/pastrami and sauerkraut and topped with swiss cheese....perfect! I did not get a chance to ask the folks at Kay's Delicatessen which gluten free bread they used, but I can tell you that it was excellent and it really held up to the sauce in my sandwich.

The staff are very knowledgable about what gluten free actually means and are able to tell you (with ease) which items can or cannot be made to be gluten free. I always appreciate when someone can easily list off what I can or cannot eat without getting a confused look on their face and leaving me wondering if they will actually be able to accomodate my dietary needs or not.

If you find yourself in Winnipeg anytime soon I highly recommend Kay's Delicatessen for a great gluten free dining experience and many sandwich options.

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