Still a need for more gluten-free options at Edmonton festivals

Every now and then, I get emails from the media about a story they want to do on Celiac Disease or the gluten free diet.  I am always very happy to help to raise awareness of Celiac Disease in Edmonton.  Most of the time I try to get Amanda involved so she can provide her personal experiences.  Sometimes the stories make it to print, or make it to air, and sometimes they don't.

Recently Edmonton's daily Metro contacted me about eating gluten free at Edmonton's festivals.  After all, Edmonton is festival city right?

I thought this topic was interesting, because it is true, Edmonton is festival city, and food is typically a big part of festivals.  So what can someone with Celiac Disease eat at these festivals?  Well, through some emails back and forth with Laurie Callsen of Metro Edmonton, I found my statement made was true:  There is lots of opportunities for Edmonton Festivals to reach out to the Celiac community.  Through research by both of us we found that Taste of Edmonton is the only festival that accommodates in the sense of displaying gluten free friendly menu options at the food stations.

Anyways, I was quite happy that this article made it to print.  I am hoping festival organizers caught wind of this article to realize the opportunity they have to drum up more business from the Edmonton Celiac community.

I encourage you to give the article 'Still a need for more gluten-free options at Edmonton festivals' a read and pass it on to the organizers of festivals that you want to attend, so they know about the demand.  Raising awareness is our best tool to encourage any business to accommodate the gluten free diet.

Thank you Laurie for such a great article in support of the Celiac Community.

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  1. I've been working in a corporate catering for a while and I have learned that it matters a lot when you serve food that is gluten-free especially when it's a public event. Thanks for the tips. This blog is enormously helpful.


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