PF Chang's Gluten Free Menu Makes it to Canada

PF Chang's has finally arrived in Canada.  Unfortunately it's only in Toronto right now.  But I bet you would love ti have one in Edmonton!  Anyone we hear from that has traveled to the States always rants and raves about PF Chang's gluten free menu.  So on a recent visit to Toronto we had to see what PF Chang's was all about.

The location is located in the new Shops at Don Mills, once a neighborhood mall, now a booming high end outdoor shopping village with park and fountains.  I've never been to a PF Chang's so I didn't know what to expect.  I always thought pretty casual, but being in this new shopping area, I thought, wow, pretty fancy.  Until I saw it was beside a Joey's, which is known to be pretty casual (apparently except in Toronto).

We were quite impressed with the gluten free options available.  There were plenty to choose from.  All the items were grouped in a section in the menu with a note that all of menu items are served as is or modified to be gluten free.  They had a gluten free lunch menu and a gluten free dinner menu.  Although we went for lunch, we ordered off the dinner menu because the items we wanted were not on the lunch menu.

So what's available on the PF Chang's gluten free menu?

Gluten free appetizers like:

  • Lettuce wraps with chicken
  • Egg drop soup
  • Singapore street noodle
  • Fried rice (they have a gluten free soy sauce)
Gluten free entrees like:
  • Spicy chicken
  • Mongolian beef
  • Ginger chicken with broccoli
  • Lemon chicken
  • Sichuan beef
  • Shrimp with lobster sauce
Gluten free sides like:
  • Spinach stir fried with garlic
  • Shanghai cucumbers
They even had a few desserts.

So what did we try?  Well we share the lettuce wraps, lemon chicken and Sichuan beef.  And how was it?  It was actually really fantastic.  The lettuce wrap filler was so delicious I was tempted to ditch the lettuce and use a fork because I could eat it quicker. The lemon chicken on the menu was noted as tart, not a typical sweet lemon chicken.  And oh boy did it live up to that.  It packed a punch and it was a tasty punch.  The chicken was coated as well, which was a nice touch.  I thought they would have served it bare, but they must coat it with a rice starch as I have seen in other restaurants.  The Sichuan beef was thinkly cut, along with julienne veggies, all perfectly cooked.  The beef had a good crunch to it that kept on having us picking off the plate even though we were full.  Totally not a disappointment.

Lettuce wrap with gluten free soy sauce
Sichuan beef in the forefront and lemon chicken in the back
I am not going to lie, it was pretty expensive.  I'm not sure if it is expensive in the states, but what I described was just over $50 with no drinks ordered.  But we really enjoyed the experience and thought it was worth it to try it at least once while we were in Toronto visiting family.

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  1. I love PF Chang’s and I am pretty sure it is cheaper in the US! Whenever I am in the States I always get the GF Chang’s Spicy Chicken and lettuce wraps.

  2. It is expensive in the States as well but it is one of the places that we always plan to go to when we travel. I love the lettuce wraps!!


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