My Brother, Daniel Saraga, my blogging inspiration passed away

On Friday September 14th, my brother Daniel Saraga, blogger at, a huge contributing factor to why I blog here has passed on at the age of 37.  Daniel was a loving husband to his wife Meredith, father to Jacob, Jeremy and the future J3 (expected date of birth January 2013).  Daniel was also a loving son, uncle, grandson, cousin and much much more.

Daniel passed away doing what he loves best, cooking dinner for his family.

I've blogged several times about Daniel and some of his recipes.  Daniel had such a passion for food, it was a big part of his life.  I remember when I first saw his passion for food.  It was when he worked in a small East Indian restaurant in Peterborough, Ontario as a student at Trent University.  To be honest, I think half the time he didn't get paid, but they sure fed him and taught him about cooking in a kitchen.  Of course he stole some of their recipes, and I got to taste some of his first East Indian recipe.

My brother loved embracing the multiple heritages in his house hold, hence the blog title Haggis and Herring. His wife is British and Scottish, and my family is a Jewish Eastern European and Jewish Moroccan.  Lots of culture to work with in his kitchen.

Me (Left), and Daniel (right), road trip to Detroit watching
the Detroit Tigers, Summer of 2011
My brother loved a challenge.  So he loved it when we visited, because then that meant he had to cook his meals gluten free.  Amanda and I were just in Toronto a few weeks ago visiting my brother, introducing Uncle Daniel to his niece Naomi.  This meant, big family gathering, and a monster cooking gig.  So my brother went through his recipes and picked out the Moroccan recipes that were naturally gluten free and went to town.  This is what my brother lived for and had such a great time running the kitchen to prepare a meal for 40 people.

I have vowed to keep his blog running because Haggis and Herring is his legacy that should live on forever so people can take in his recipes.

Meredith posted her eulogy to Haggis and Herring this morning.  I encourage you to read the eulogy, learn more about my brother, who he was, and why I looked up to him, and loved him so much.

Read the post Daniel Saraga - The Haggis and Herring.

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Also read what Amanda had to say about my brother Daniel in her post Support, love and gluten free all combined.

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  1. I am heartbroken hearing of your sudden and tragic loss Abisaac ... my condolences go out to you and your family ... and all the people who your brother's life touched ~ much loved by his family. Sending hugs ... Sherri & Kevin

  2. Daniel Saraga — my cousin — was a kind and gentle person. He had a warm infectious personality which always made me smile. I have only the fondest of memories of him. I will miss his very much.


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  4. I am so sorry for your loss. I was in 2 blogging groups with Daniel and often corresponded with him. He was a great guy and frequently helped me out with blogging glitches. His presence will be missed in the blogging community. Such a sad loss.

  5. Is nice to read more about Daniel like I said im my post a lovely and nice man always make me smile with his comments.
    Im.happy to made a little tribute to him making some of his recipes in src and I find new recipes from.Dan I would like to try anyway if have time see my post not only I said about Dan is lovely that a lot people comment when read about him.Take care

  6. I am sorry for your loss and this happen very wrong. We all miss him lot Daniel on blogging world.

  7. I am deeply sorry for your loss. I encountered Daniel online 15 years ago just because we happened to bear the same first and family names. We just had very infrequent email exchanges.

    The third email he sent was:

    I found your home page and you look a bit like my brother..

    But that's probably just the hair-cut.



    It is a shock and I wish you and his family strength.

    Daniel S. Saraga, Basel, Switzerland


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