Easy Gluten Free Thai Meal Found at West Edmonton's Costco

With a new baby in the house, we know we will not have time to cook as many meals from scratch and wanted to have frozen meals to fill the void.

This gluten free frozen meal was a find at Costco that turned out to be pretty.  The manufacturer Postcard Foods has frozen Red Thai Curry and Yellow Thai Curry meals complete with rice in the freezer section.  They had plenty of taste, and sauce to mix around with the rice.  Both curry sauces have their own uniqueness, with one being more sweet (yellow), and the other a bit more spicy (red).

The meals are not labelled gluten free, but after reviewing the ingredients Amanda and I determined it was safe to eat, so we purchased a box that had 3 of each kind of meal.

Costco is obviously hit and miss when shopping for products, they like to change things up a lot.  So don't look for this product to be around forever.

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