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We had one of our friends Dani guest posted about Lit Italian Wine Bar a long time ago.  We finally got to check it out with a few friends all of which who have Celiac Disease but me and everyone really enjoyed their plates

Beef tenderloin
Lit's experience is really great as it is a tapas style bar with a really delicious menu.  Most of the menu can be made to be gluten free even calamari, which they coat with rice flour.  Amanda had a try of it, and she really doesn't like calamari at all, and surprisingly enjoyed it.  She typically doesn't like the texture that calamari has, but Lit prepared it right.  I wish I had the picture of it, but I can't seem to find the picture we took.

caprese salad
One of our friends Monica ordered the caprese salad with tomatoes, bocconcini cheese and basil and absolutely loved it.  Which didn't surprise us because she eats their a lot.  Our friend Sherri from High on Life and Gluten Free, was also there and blogged about Lit.  She tried the beef tenderloin on mixed greens.  I think her picture turned out better, so check our her review.  She also has a picture of the gluten free calamari.

Amanda and I shared the antipasto dish with chefs choice of cured meets and an assortment of cheeses and olives. It was so good and hard not to devour all at once.

Lit Italian Wine Bar in downtown Edmonton is obviously not the typical place we write about.  A bit higher end than we are used to, but we just had to try it with friends.  A great place to meet up and share some tapas.

You can check out Lit's menu on their website www.litwinebar.ca or click here to go directly to their menu.

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