It's a Girl!

We don't write often about our personal lives, nor do we often write off topic from gluten free, but we did want to share some exciting news with our readers!

On July 6th at 12:17am we welcomed baby Naomi to our family.  Naomi and Amanda are doing great.  Amanda and I are adjusting to parenthood and loving it and looking forward to all the joys ahead of us.

So look out for some posts, not about parenthood, but changes on managing our kitchen now that we may have more gluten in the house than we usually do.

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  1. EEEEkkkk...
    congrats you guys!!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! I don't know if you guys had been told by your doctor or pediatrician, but there's some new studies out about how/when to introduce gluten to babies when they have a 1st-degree relative with celiac - one of them is here:

    I just had a daughter in March, and we're going to be giving her limited amounts of gluten (1 spoonful of a gluten-containing cereal a couple times a week) once she reaches 6 months old, while continuing to nurse. All the rest of her food will stay gluten free until a year so that it's easier to see if it bothers her! (FWIW I'm celiac, my husband isn't).


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