Gluten Free Italian at Pazzo Pazzo in Edmonton's Downtown

This is a guest post by a reader Vanessa.  What I like about this write up is that it is from someone that does not have Celiac Disease, but wrote in because they were happy be able to take their friend that has Celiac Disease out for Italian.   Vanessa must have come across Gluten Free Edmonton while doing some research.  Thank you Vanessa for the review about the gluten free pasta available at Pazzo Pazzo!

Venassa Writes:

I actually have eaten there quite a bit, I recently brought my friend there (Pazzzo Pazzo) who is celiac. They have gluten free fettuccini, and all the sauces are gluten free. The dressings for the salads are also gluten free. Most of the entrees are gluten free already and we were told that even the chicken parmigiana could be done pan fried without the breading. My friend ended up ordering a mista salad to start and the tenderloin, which came with a side of the gluten free fettuccini. He had the gigi sauce which is a tomato cream. I've always enjoyed the food there, and I was happy I was able to bring my friend out for Italian which can be a pretty restrictive cuisine for anyone with gluten allergies. Hope that was helpful,

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  1. I was just going to write in about Pazzo Pazzo today! I went there this past weekend and had an amazing dinner! I really wanted the Calamari appetizer, but the waitress let me know that it comes in pre-breaded, but the chef would be happy to 'whip something up' for me. I got fresh calamari in a white wine red sauce. Amazing! They use La Veneziane pasta in the dishes, which I always consider the best option for gluten free. They cook it al dente, which is great because you don't get that mushiness that often comes with gluten free. Great meal.. I will definitely be back! -Dani


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