Taste of Nature Gluten Free bars

I have always loved the Taste of Nature bars. I have tried a variety of their flavors and I'll admit that I do have a few favorites, but of course when offered an opportunity to sample some of these fabulous bars we accepted with big smiles and excitement.

For anyone who hasn't tried or heard of Taste of Nature bars here's a little background info on the products they make. Taste of Nature bars contain only natrual ingredients, contain no fillers, no additives, no artificial flavors or chemicals and they are cerfied organic, gluten free (well, the flavors that do not contain oats are gluten free), low glycemic index, vegan, kosher, dairy free, contain no preservatives, low sodium and non-GMO.

"Everything you see comes straight from nature".

We were sent a fun little gift package of these yummy bars to sample and write about, containing the Brazilian Nut Fiesta, Quebec Cranberry Carnival and California Almond Valley flavors. I have always loved the Quebec Cranberry Carnival the best, but the other two flavors are right up there for my taste buds.

I have often bought my Taste of Nature bars at either London Drugs or Planet Organic and I am always pleased to see other stores carrying such fantastically flavored bars in various flavors. Until we got our sample pack from the company I'll admit I was unaware of just how many flavors of bars they make. Here's the list for those who are curious (in no particular order)

- Brazilian Nut Fiesta
- Argentina Peanut Plains
- California Almond Valley
- Niagara Apple Country (not gluten free because it contains oats)
- Quebec Cranberry Carnival
- Nova Scotia Blueberry Fields
- Canadian Maple Forest
- Caribbean Ginger Island
- Himalayan Goji Summit
- Mediterranean Pistachio Passion
- Persian Pomegranate Garden
- Go Ontario (Coming Soon - also contains oats so not gluten free)

Aside of course from the taste, I really love that these bars are made with natural ingredients that I can read and understand and they are not loaded with sugar and other junk that cause blood sugar aggravation...for me these qualities make up a great product.

Thanks Taste of Nature and please keep up the great work!

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