Taste of Edmonton Menu 2012

Image: www.eventsedmonton.ca
This is my yearly post to prepare for you the Taste of Edmonton which runs July 19 to July 28 downtown at Winston Churchill Square.  Taste of Edmonton is probably the festival that Celiacs never think they can go to and enjoy.  Well, think twice, there has been Celiac friendly options at Taste of Edmonton the past few years.  This year will be no different.

There are 14 confirmed Celiac friendly gluten free dishes at Taste of Edmonton this year, and possibly more if you ask the right the questions.

Some of the Restaurants that have gluten free options are:
  • Canadian Brewhouse serving Angus Gold Steak Bites with Steak Sauce
  • The Three Amigos Authentic Mexican Restaurant serving Taco al Pastor with Side of Rice
  • New Asian Village serving Channa Masala & Saffron Rice
  • TZiN Wine & Tapas serving serving Rioja Braised Chorizo with Spanish Bean Salad
  • It’s All Greek To Me serving Chicken Souvlaki
You can check out the Taste of Edmonton menu prior to going. Celiac friendly items are labeled on the menu.  Click here for the menu.

Here are some important tips when visiting Taste of Edmonton:
  1. Make sure to check out the menu prior to going and see if there are other foods not labelled Celiac friendly that you can ask about.
  2. Call the restaurant prior to going to confirm what foods at their booth are gluten free.  It is sometimes too busy and hectic to get a straight answer or it is just temp workers that don't know as much working the booth.
  3. Be aware of the higher chance of cross contamination.  They are preparing the food in a smaller place.
  4. If you are unsure, can't get the answers you are looking for, don't order it!  No point in taking a chance.
  5. If you can, go at non-peak hours, may be less rush and reduce the chances of cross contamination
We have heard mixed reviews in the past about the booths at Taste of Edmonton handling gluten free.  Some have a fantastic times, enjoy great food, and do not get ill.  Some have had quite the opposite.  Amanda went last year and checked out a few of the places.  I know Amanda followed the rules above.  There was one vendor that she knew she could probably eat what was being ordered, but because it was too busy, and the workers seemed to not know 100%, she didn't eat it.  Although frustrating, it made her experience better, because she ended up with tasty food from another booth that she enjoyed.

So enjoy the 2012 version of Taste of Edmonton and eat safely!

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