Its the 2012 Pancake Breakfast Season in Edmonton!

Previous Celiac Association Pancake Breakfast
Summer time has arrived in Edmonton, and that means it is Pancake Breakfast season here in Edmonton!  Coming from Toronto this was something new to me.  Maybe I just was hanging out with the wrong crowds, but Toronto certainly wasn't big on Pancake Breakfasts.  But I can tell you, Edmonton loves their Pancake Breakfasts and so do I!

Every year at the Kinnikinnick Store, the Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter and Kinninnick put on the biggest gluten free pancake breakfast in the city (dare I say in the Country! or even the world).  Since Amanda's diagnosis, we haven't missed one. After all, for a small donation, you get a couple perfect giant Kinnikinnick gluten free pancakes, and some treats served up by volunteers and Kinnikinnick staff.  This year the big gluten free pancake breakfast will be on July 21st.  Don't miss out, this one has been getting bigger and bigger every year, and Kinnikinnick plans on shutting down the street to make more room.

For those that haven't tried the Kinnikinnick Pancake Mix, this is a great opportunity to try it out.  I can't believe I haven't written about their mix yet, because we buy it by the tub full.  They always turn out so tasty, moist and fluffy!  You can't go wrong.  I serve it to my parents every time they visit from Toronto and they always ask "So whats Amanda going to eat?  Do you have a different mix for her?"  Always a good laugh.

Anyways, there is some more great gluten free pancake news.  Last year Kinnikinnick served up gluten free pancakes at Capital Ex pancake breakfast at Churchill Square and they must have had great success because they also added a few more.  Way to go Kinnikinnick to spread the gluten free love for the Celiac's!

Here is a list of Pancake Breakfasts for the summer of 2012 that Kinnikinnick will be serving gluten free pancakes:

  • Mayor’s Pancake Breakfast / Capital Ex Pancake Breakfast @ Churchill Square – July 19th (7-10am)
  • Canadian Celiac Association Gluten Free Pancake Breakfast @ Kinnikinnick – July 21st (9-11am)
  • Premier’s Pancake Breakfast @ Leg Grounds – July 24th
  • Heritage Safeway Pancake Breakfast @ Heritage Safeway Location – July 26th (7:30-10am)

Hope you enjoy and check back just in case Kinnikinnick informs me of more breakfasts they will be supporting in Edmonton.

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