Did you know the Chef at Culina Muttart has Celiac?

We are always up for raising awareness for any places that serve it up gluten free.  Heather Dosman, the Chef De Cuisine at the Culina Cafe Muttart wanted to share with the community that she can, and will accommodate the the gluten free diet.  Here is what she had to say about her gluten free friendly restaurant:

My name is Heather Dosman, I am currently the Chef De Cuisine of the Culina Cafe at the muttart conservatory and I am also a celiac! I just wanted to let everybody know that we have gluten free lunch, brunch and Thursday night dinner options every week. We make our own gluten free bread and are very conscientious when we do have celiac customers order. Although we do have glutenous products in the kitchen our staff is very well versed in proper procedure to avoid cross contamination. We have a gluten free chocolate cake on the menu (which is also egg free, dairy free, soy free and nut free for our fellow celiacs with other allergies). All of the sandwiches on the lunch menu can be made into a gluten free version, and both our house salad, new chophouse salad and soups are gluten free. For brunch I am working on a gluten free banana bread for our banana bread french toast and everything else on the new brunch menu can be made gluten free. The dinner menu changes every week but almost everything we have had on the menus can be adapted to a gluten free version if they aren't already gluten free. And don't worry, gluten free scones and cookies are also on the horizon for our pastry take out counter.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know ... makes me even more determined to not only go back to the Muttart soon but to check out the Culina Cafe :) thanks again for posting - you guys rock! :)


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