Crepe Symphony Cafe, A Gluten Free Surprise


Downtown Edmonton is started to pick up with some more great restaurants.  A recent opener is Crepe Symphony Cafe on 101A Ave beside the very popular and gluten free friendly Tres Carneles.

Amanda and I have made a few friends during our endeavors with Gluten Free Edmonton, and have been going out for Celiac dinners.  Typically myself and other significant others are the non-Celiac's, but it is a great experience for everyone.  One of our dinners was at Crepe Symphony.  I heard through Twitter that they were working on serving a gluten free crepe.  So I tweeted @CrepeSymphony to let me know when they are ready to serve it up.  It didn't take all that long for Gill from Crepe Symphony to get back to me to saying that he perfected his gluten free crepe.  So I let him know we were coming down, and he was up for the challenge.

Who would of thought The Creperie was going to have competition for gluten free crepes?  And Crepe Symphony was really up to the challenge.  Crepe Sympony is what I would call (and Amanda hates how I use this term so much), but fast casual.  Great food, quick, in a casual environment.  Make sense?  I consider Tres Carneles the same just in case you were wondering.

But back to Crepe Symphony!  Instead of ordering at the counter, Gill greeted us at our table since we were a larger group, and took our orders.  The menu is on the wall behind the counter.  He told us that all of their crepes can be made gluten free except for the meat crepe.  However, he made an exception and said he would make the meat crepe gluten free for us.  Gill said when he makes up the beef on the pan, he tosses in some flour to coat the meat, but he would make a fresh batch for us if we wanted.  So a couple of us did.

They have both savory and sweet crepes a la carte including meat crepes with beef, salmon crepes with cream cheese, chicken and mushroom crepes, and spinach and cheese crepes, nutella banana crepe, strawberry banana crepe, vanilla sky crepe with pears, tropical crepe with fruits, and caramel apple crepes. Each order comes with two crepes.   They also have a variety of salads and soups you can order.

Between all of us I think we had all the crepes but the spinach and cheese.  Monica even ordered the mushroom soup and really enjoyed it.  A couple people had double orders.  I had the meat crepe and caramel apple dessert crepe.  Mmmm.  I snuck a piece of Dani's Nutella banana crepe which was to die for.

Each crepe order is about 7 to 8 bucks and totally worth it.  Amanda wasn't able to join us that day, so we will be back for a visit.  Even if its for a yummy Nutella banana crepe for Amanda because I think that is one of her favourite combinations.

Now to enjoy some of the yummy pics of the crepes.... I usually don't save the pics until last, but I figured I need to save the best for last because once you see these, you'll probably start craving them and want them right away.

Gluten free meat crepe
Gluten free salmon and cream cheese crepe
Gluten free banana and Nutella crepe
Gluten free vanilla sky creme with pears
Gluten free caramel apple crepe
Gluten free mushroom soup

Chicken and mushroom crepe

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  1. I remember checking out the site of our office space in legaspi village and along the street, I noticed a gluten-free cafe with the most amazing desserts. If I'm not mistaken, they have the juiciest gluten-free hamburger. Really.


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