Someone likes Three Boars Eatery for Gluten Free Eats!

Amanda and I love it when complete strangers write in with their gluten free restaurant reviews in Edmonton.  It's nice to know that people are not shy, and know that we are approachable and answer all our emails!  This review for Three Boars Eatery is from Holly:

I'm just writing to share an amazing gluten free experience I had last night at the Three Boars Eatery on 109 Street and 84 Ave.  It's a new pub with a menu designed by culinary experts, and a selection of gluten free beers (including Mongozo and Estrella) and gluten free cocktails.

The menu is unique and changes on a daily basis, and when I requested a gluten free menu, I was pleased to see that 9 out of the 17 daily items were gluten free.  Any questions I asked were answered by the very informed wait staff, and if they didn't know, my questions were forwarded to the chef, who was extremely knowledgeable.  I had meals of such high quality (even better than anything I ate before being celiac) - oxtail crepinette with onion gravy, potatos bravas with sriracha mayo, and wild caught scallops with sunchoke purée, kale and pomme paille.  All in all, it was amazing experience, in a laid back, inviting and trendy restaurant.

Please go try this place out and report back to the celiac community about it - I am certain this will be my new favourite place to eat for years to come.

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