Dandee Confections Gluten Free Product Sampling

Abisaac & I recently went to the Edmonton downtown indoor (winter) farmers market located at City Hall.  For those who don't know...the downtown farmers market in Edmonton moves indoors during the winter months and reopens outdoors in May on 104 St. Believe it or not, we had never actually been to the indoor downtown location before. I guess it's just one of those things we had thought about, but never actually remembered to check out.

The first booth we saw at the farmers market at City Hall was Dandee Confections and Cakes. We quickly noticed the oh so familiar packaging that we had recently seen while at Remedy Cafe (south side location). We noticed immediately the purple and green sticker dots placed on each of the tasty treats. Purple meaning gluten free and green meaning vegan. While browsing the treats I asked the ladies behind the table if they supplied their gluten free treats to Remedy Cafe. Abisaac and I thought that the gluten free treats were made in house at Remedy Cafe.  Darlene English, the ownder of Dandee did infact say she supplied Remedy Cafe with all their gluten free treats.

After much discussion with Darlene and her daughter we were offered a variety of their tasty gluten free creations to sample and share our views with our readers.

Since Darlene offered us such a large variety of samples to try we couldn't do this on our own.  We brought their gluten free treats to share with some of our friends and family.  We couldn't hog all the treats to ourselves.  It actually took two sittings to sample all the treats.

So now to the good stuff... the treats!

All of the items we sampled were awesome! Since it will take forever to write about each and every one of them I'll say that my personal favorites were the Peanut butter cookie, Banana Walnut muffin and the Cranberry Date Square.  Abisaac's favorites were the Puffed Rice square and the coconut cookie.

What was great about all of these was that even our non-celiac friends and family loved them and were going back for more.  I don't think they could tell they were gluten free.  Which is always a good sign.  The squares were all moist and yummy, and the muffins were moist and soft.  Often a combination of textures hard to obtain with gluten free baking.

All their baked goods are also corn free.

Dandee can be found at the downtown market during the winter, but in the summer time Darlene just continues to supply both Remedy Cafe locations as she focuses her weekends on the wedding cake business.

Check out the yummy photos!

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