Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter Launches New Website

It certainly was a long time in the making,  but the Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter has launched a new website!  I am happy to toot my horn a little bit and say I was a big part of it, but truly it was a pleasure to volunteer my time to make this happen.

Why is this launch so important?  The new website is a much cleaner look, and all the information better organized and updated.  This will give visitors to the website much easier access to the information, and to other resources offered on the Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter website.

I was happy to take the bull by its horns and make things happened with this project.  I am a Web & Social Media Manager in my day job, so I was certainly qualified to create a vision that meets the Edmonton Chapters needs.  All I needed was someone to help with the development end.  We were lucky to find Andrea Dunne to help us out on the development end.  She was great at helping the vision come alive.

Some of the features on the website:
  • An Announcement feed on the home page so the association can easily deliver special announcements
  • An event calendar with upcoming events listed on the home page.
  • List of updated resources
  • Information on membership for the association.
  • Information on Celiac disease
  • Information on the gluten free diet.
  • And much more!
Because I sit on the Board of Directors, I am still going to happily maintain the website and make sure that other volunteers will be able to assist me in keeping the website as up to date as possible with the most recent news, events, and information.

Visit the website at  You can now also email the association at

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