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I recall when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease just over 2 years ago and I was so thankful that in Edmonton we had access to a gluten free store like Kinnikinnick. I remember people saying that you could buy their gluten free products at most major grocery stores, but I will never forget my first time going into the actual store.

Like virtually everyone living with celiac disease I was seriously overwhelmed at that point. I was worried that I'd be stuck eating  foods that tasted like dirt and had the texture to match (ick). We had tried a few other brands and different products, but everything changed when we went to Kinnikinnick. We were welcomed by helpful and courteous staff who actually knew what they were talking about and understood the needs of those requiring gluten free foods, unlike going to a large grocery store where they can tell you where to find things but little else.

Custom ordered cake from Kinnikinnick
We were instantly amazed by the fresh variety of gluten free products found through out Kinnikinnick as well as the large quantity of frozen and packaged goods. I will say that my all time favorites at Kinnikinnick are their breads, cupcakes and of course the raisin spice cookies. Most recently they have added bakery bins offering freshly baked buns, bagels and muffins. As well as their soft breads, fresh baguettes and various flavors of fresh foccaccia breads just to name a few of their new products.

And don't forget you can always custom order a gluten free cake like I did for my birthday this family is still raving about it.

Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta


  1. I go to this place every couple weeks just for bread and hamburger buns. I always end up buying other things. Their pizza buns are probably the best thing they have. I once went in on a Tuesday morning and the shelves were half empty. I couldn't get the buns or bread that I wanted.


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