Gluten Free Pasta at Chianti's on Whyte Ave

Steve writes in about Chianti, which is Amanda's favourite place for gluten free pasta.  We love to eat there, but always forget to take a picture and blog about it.  I guess we take it for granted because we eat their all the time.

...Chianti's in the University/Whyte ave area in Edmonton. With the exception of the high level dinner I have yet to find a restaurant with staff as knowledgeable about celiacs disease. Almost any item on their menu can be ordered and substituted for gluten free pasta or you can create your own pasta dish by choosing the sauce and any other add-ons (spicy italian sausage is my favorite). They also have several awards from various celiac associations and have been serving gluten free pasta for some time. I simply can't recommend them enough, there may be some restaurants capable of matching their quality of service to those with celiacs disease but certainly none can beat it.

Chianti Cafe (Whyte Ave) on Urbanspoon

In addition to the Whyte avenue location they now have a Clareview location as well.

Chianti (North) on Urbanspoon

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