Gluten Free Chicken Shawarma by Haggis and Herring

Marinating gluten free chicken shawarma
As some of you may know, my brother is a foodie blogger too.  At Haggis and the Herring,  he writes about tasty recipes he tries out at his home in Toronto.  Often talks about the experience with his wife, and kids preparing and eating the food too.  His blog is not a gluten free blog, but you can easily adapt recipes to be gluten free.

He keeps on telling me about this awesome chicken shawarma recipe he tried out from a friend and how everyone just loves it.  Even one of my uncles that can be pretty picky loved the recipe.  He really pumped up the recipe to be one of the best on his blog, so I really had to try it out.  It also didn't hurt that everything about the Shawarma recipe is naturally gluten free.  And guess what?  Yummmmm! He was right, fantastic recipe!  And it went perfect with the tzatziki like sauce he calls 'magic sauce' on his blog.

Marinated chicken on the grill! Yum! 
The Shawarma isn't difficult to make, it just requires lots spices and an over night marinade for the chicken to absorb all the tasty flavours.

Shawarma is usually served as sliced chicken pieces.  I was kind of lazy so just filleted the chicken instead of chopping it up.  I filleted it to be sure it still absorbs the flavours nicely.  I must say filleting the chicken vs. cutting it into smaller pieces was cheating a bit, but it really made things easier to grill.  The recipe also called for boneless skinless chicken thighs, and we had boneless skinless chicken breasts, which was perfectly fine.  It is just a more expensive meat to use on something that is going to have its flavour totally altered anyways.

The BBQ is my favourite cooking tool because you get some great smells off a BBQ, and the smells this chicken gave off were incredible.  I usually come back into the house smelling more like a smoke and meat, but not this time.

Our fully prepared meal.
The magic sauce was our first attempt at making ta type of tzatziki.  We couldn't believe how tasty the sauce was.  It uses greek yogurt and mayo as the base and you add flavour like dill, garlic, and red wine vinegar.  The recipe makes a lot of the sauce.  If there is just two of you, you could get away with halving the recipe.  There was still more sauce beyond what's in that ball in the picture.

We served it all with some rice to try and make it as much as a Mediterranean meal as possible.

So you probably want the recipe already eh?  I can imagine reading this far, has you hungry and ready to get started already.  Well, you just have to check out for these recipes.

Click here for the chicken shawarma recipe
Click here for the magic sauce recipe

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  1. This looks delicious - took a look at the recipe and can't wait to try this one out! Thanks so much for posting the links to the Haggis and the Herring site ... :) Sherri


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