Top Notch Gluten Free Hamburger at Soda Jerks

My non-Celiac friend ranted and raved about Soda Jerks Restaurant and how it is his favourite burger joint now.  He ranted and raved so much, I emailed them about their gluten free options and blogged about them right away.  You can read the post Gluten Free Burgers at Soda's Jerk's in Edmonton's West End.

When I emailed them, they had nothing but good news.  They carry gluten free buns, they'll put your hamburger on a bed of lettuce, dedicated fryer for french fries, all the good stuff.  But up until now, Amanda and I only had my friend to go by.

Soda Jerks on UrbanspoonWe recently checked them out and were floored by their burger.  I'm actually ready to tour them as one of the best burgers in the city by far.  Nice big juicy patty with all the fix YOU want on them.  They have a few pre-set burgers as specials, but other than that, you get to build your hamburger.  Kind of liked Chopped Leaf but with a hamburger.  The pic here is not the gluten free bun they use.  We brought in an Udi's gluten free hamburger bun because Amanda wanted to be sure she had the carb count right on it.  They had no problems with that, and didn't even give a funny look.  Was just a "no problem, we'll take care of that for you".

And to the left, yes, that's also a Diet Black Cherry soda from Boylan.  Something that Amanda loves as a treat, but you can never find the diet versions.  They have a large selection of specialty bottled sodas that are to die for!

Soda Jerks is also all about the marketing deals.  You gotta visit their website at and sign up for their newsletter for all sorts of daily specials and coupons to print off like two for one's!

You can visit Soda Jerks Restaurant in the West End at 17520 100 Ave.

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