My night as a Celiac at Century Grill

Gluten free menu at Edmonton's Century Grill
When we last visited Century Grill in Edmonton's south side, I mistakenly came off as the Celiac at the table instead of Amanda (because I was holding the gluten free menu). So I just decided to play the part.  Two things stuck out the most for me as the meal went on.

One was right off the top when the waitress was telling me about the special (this is not to knock the experience because it was great), but she mentioned the burger, but added "I guess that wouldn't apply to you".  So at first, I was thinking to myself "huh? what does she mean?" then I was like "ohhhhhhhhhh, because I'm 'Celiac'", then I paused and thought "Wait a second, that wasn't nice to single me out".  They could have recommend a alternative special, or just could have done without that comment.
Entree platter

The second thing that stood out was when dessert came, because when it did came, I didn't believe it was gluten free.  Now actual Amanda having Celiac Disease beat me to the punch and asked the waiter that served it "Wait, is this actually gluten free?", and yes it was.  But that was certainly a happy feeling of disbelief. If that makes any sense.

Okay, so now to the good stuff, our shared experience at Century Grill.  Besides that remark from the waitress,  Amanda and I had a great time.  Let me start off by saying that both Amanda and I agree that Century Grill is doing it right when it comes to putting together a gluten free menu.  Their gluten free menu didn't contain a bunch of asterisks saying, you can have this but without a sauce, or without seasoning etc.  Their gluten free menu is built for someone with Celiac Disease, with fully seasoned and sauced menu items.  Also, one of Amanda's pet peeves is when gluten free only means pasta's and pizza's, because what about the steaks and chickens? are those gluten free too?  because they usually are, and Century Grill understood that.

The "I can't believe this is gluten free" dessert
The gluten free menu is not as big as their regular menu, but it did have plenty of options.  We tried the "That thing we do for two" which is a $80 three course meal and well worth it.  After Amanda compared it to the same item on the regular menu, she noticed there was not a difference.  You got a salad each (we upgraded to Ceasar Salad no croutons).  After the salad they brought out the entree on a platter that had a tenderloin, potato gratin with goat cheese, a risotto, pan seared chicken with sauce, shrimp skewer and grilled tomato with seasoned vegetables.  It was a pretty big pile of food for the two of us.  The potato gratin was so tasty and rich with the goat cheese, and the steak was done the way wanted it.  Amanda loved the chicken, and ate most of it over the steak.  The dessert is what through us off, because they brought out us out each a piece of chocolate cake and couldn't believe it was gluten free (you have to love when that happens).  It was deliciously layered with chocolate mouse and cake about 3 times over.  Mmmmmm. chocolate.

Click here to check out Century Grill menu's including their gluten free lunch and dinner menu.  Hope you enjoy.

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  1. That cake looks divine! Dinner club anyone? :)

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  3. I went to Century Grill last night with my family. I have multiple food allergies and I'm vegetarian, so I don't go out to eat very much. I called the restaurant a few hours in advance to coordinate a meal with their sou chef. He planned out an appetizer, main course and dessert for me according to my likes and dislikes. When our server was taking my family's orders, she mentioned that the chef had gone out and bought an eggplant specifically for my meal. Our server gave us our bread basket and I got my own plate of gluten-free bread with an olive oil-balsamic vinegar dip. The chef modified a selection of their standard appetizers for me to choose from. I had the century salad. My meal was grilled eggplant with rice and seasonal vegetables. The eggplant looked like salmon steaks and was perfectly seasoned. Eggplant can be terrible if it's prepared poorly, but this was delicious. Even the cauliflower was good, and I don't like cauliflower. They brought me a fruit platter for dessert. It would have been nice to get something a little more exciting, but by then, I was too full to eat it anyway. I took home enough food for another full meal. I can't eat a lot of dairy products, but I really wanted to try their gluten free dark chocolate decadence, so I ordered a piece to take home. I thought I would feel sick after eating it, but I didn't have a reaction at all and it tasted like chocolate heaven. Overall, it was a wonderful evening and I would highly recommend this restaurant.


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