Kosher for Passover Gluten Free Matzah! Woo hoo!

I found this through an ad that actually showed up on our web site!  Go figure, so now they are getting some free promotion because this looks like a must have by the Jewish population that suffers from Celiac Disease.

Already, Passover is kind of a savior for people with Celiac Disease, because kosher for passover products are often made gluten free, except when it comes to matzah.  Lots of potatoes and potato starch is used in cooking.  Although Nancy, Amanda's mother has made a great gluten free matzah ball soup.

I've always been looking for decent gluten free matzah to try, I have found a couple, but was much too costly and not worth trying... until now.

Yehuda, makes what they call gluten free matzo style squares.  You can buy it 3 boxes for $40, 6 for $70 or 9 for $99... etc. Their website says it is made kosher for passover as well.  That is why you gotta place your orders now for Passover as it is approaching soon.  Ground shipping to Canada is free, which takes 2-3 weeks.  You can pay extra for over night.  I think I am going in on some orders of this.

On the website, they also have a couple extra kosher items to buy like gluten free kosher nutella, gluten free kosher macaroons, and even a gluten free kosher for Passover cookbook.

Order it now at or you can buy the Matzah at Andy's IGA with their kosher for Passover foods.  This may not be available all year round at IGA, but will be available online all year around.

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