Gluten Free Cooked Apple Snack, Just Like Mom Made it!

This is a recipe that reminds me of my childhood when my mom would make me a sweet snack.  Eventually, at a young age, I would actually just make this myself I loved it so much.  Amanda recently rekindled my love for this quick and easy cooked apple snack that is naturally gluten free.  Takes just a few minutes to make and tastes great.

Mmm apple
1 Apple
1 Table spoon of raisins
1 Table spoon of brown sugar
1 or 1/2 tsp of cinnamon
1/4 cup of water


  1. Use an apple core remover to core the apple down the middle.  
  2. Grab a cereal size bowl and place the apple in it
  3. Pour in the water and add the raisins in the cored out hole.  Fill the hole half way and sprinkle the rest around the apple.  Fill the rest of the hole with the brown sugar and sprinkle the cinnamon over top the apple.
  4. Place in microwave for 4 minutes on cook and you should have a deliciously sweet cooked apple.
I sometimes add a bit more water, because I love to drink it like a hot apple cider.

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