Highlevel Diner serves it up tasty and gluten free

This is actually our second review of Highlevel Diner.  The first post of Highlevel Diner's gluten free experience was just more of an FYI of what gluten free menu items are available.  Someone had mentioned to us about their gluten free options so we just wanted to let everyone know about it.

Highlevel Diner is located near the University of Alberta, just on the opposite side of the highlevel bridge of Edmonton's downtown core.  Its not the biggest place, but it really is a busy place.  Certainly a local favourite.  They actually do have a gluten free menu!  That is always a good sign and gives Amanda a little sigh of relief.

Once again I decided to order gluten free as well, so we can try multiple menu items.  I ordered the gluten free BLT with fries and Amanda had the gluten free jambalaya with corn chips on the side.  They have a dedicated fryer for french fries!  Woo hoo!  And their fries are sooo good.  Just like you would expect at a diner.  Both meals were really good.  My bread didn't break apart (which was a bonus).  Although I didn't ask which bread they carry or if they make their own.  Considering they make gluten free perogies, they may make their own gluten free bread.  If you like spice, you will love their jambalaya.  It certainly set off some alarms.

Photo supplied by Highlevel Diner - Thank you!
I can't find the picture, but they also have a flourless chocolate cake.  This cake was so good they we actually took a double take and called the waitress over to confirm.  We didn't believe it.  It was so fluffy and tasty for a flourless cake.  She did confirm, and actually, the only chocolate cake they have is the gluten free flourless chocolate cake.  I'll have to search for this picture and update this posting, because this piece of cake was a beast!

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  1. Their Huevos Rancheros are addictive. I'm not kidding. I sometimes find myself daydreaming of them. If you get a chance to go there for breakfast during the week, order them... you won't be disappointed!

  2. I haven't been there in a while, but I think I definitely need to head back there. Do you know when perogy night is? - Dani

  3. Kudos to the High Level Diner

    Did you know
    This is one of the earliest eateries in Edmonton that made an effort to provide gluten free meals


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