Happy New Year! Lets take a look at 2011 in review

I first want to thank everybody for making 2011 such a fantastic year for us.  Amanda and myself are so entrenched with this blog but we still could not do it with out all of your help, feedback and guest post blogs.

I do have some highlighted moments in no particular order:
  1. At the end of November we completed our second year of NaBloMo (National Blog Posting Month).  We successfully blogged every day for the month of November.  This included us being away on vacation for two weeks, so we had to do a lot of writing ahead of time to be sure we did not fall behind.
  2. General Mills started bring their gluten free products over to Canada including their gluten free Chex Cereal.  This was great to have such a high caliber brand offer such a commercial product gluten free to the Canadian audience.  They even offered up these gluten free Chex Cereal recipes.
  3. Attending the Celiac Association, gluten free pancake breakfast at Kinnikinnick is always a high light!
  4. Re affirming that Pizzeria Prego has the best gluten free crust in Edmonton.  Not only that, but now that the owner makes his own crust, he doesn't charge extra for it.  This is a must try for 2012 if you haven't already.
  5. Finding Rodeo Burger, a great gluten free alternative hamburger to Red Robin.  We love Red Robin, but sometimes, you just want something not as filling, and Rodeo Burger is just the right amount for a lunch.
Here are our 5 top blog posts for 2011.  The first one is quite the surprise:
  1. Mayacamas Fine Foods, Gluten Free Sauces - I guess people really want gluten free sauces!
  2. M&M Meat Shops Gluten Free Allergy Lists -  Sounds about right, M&M has an extensive allergy list with lots of gluten free options.  Haven't been disappointed yet.
  3. Shop Ed's Gluten Free Store in Edmonton -  One of the first gluten free special stores to open up n Edmonton
  4. Is New York Fries Gravy & Poutine Gluten Free? - I think everyone was hoping for the answer given here.
  5. Gluten Free Cupcakes in Edmonton y Big City Cupcakes - Everyone is always looking for a tasty treat!
Have a sweet and happy new year from Amanda and myself at Gluten Free Edmonton!

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  1. even though we now live in BC i still read your blogs, keeps me in touch with the edmonton scene Now if we were still in Edmonton I would be advocating for the info you pass out as anti panic resource

    happy new year

  2. Thanks for the continued support Linda


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