Gluten Free Rice Krispies hits Canadian Shelves
This is some great news, Gluten Free Rice Krispies has finally hit the shelves in Canada.  The gluten free version is made with brown rice and takes out the malt found in the original version of Rice Krispies.

In Edmonton, I am only able to confirm it right now at Safeway locations.  Please let us know if you find it elsewhere.

Click here to check out the details from the Safeway Canada website

Now that there gluten free Rice Krispies, what's the first treat you are going to make with them?

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  1. I'm excited for this but why does it have to be brown rice? Couldn't they have changed their regular recipe to not have malt flavoring? I'm worried it will just confuse some people into thinking that white rice has gluten.

  2. This is very exciting!! Most gluten-free cereal is so expensive, I'm curious what the price will be. I'm actually glad it's made of brown rice because I'm all for more fibre in the morning.

  3. so glad they came to Canada! Has anyone tried them yet? do they taste the same? I found a bunch of GF recipes on their site..looks yumm..

  4. It's at Save-On too. I like it. Tastes basically the same, crispier. Though at this point I much prefer the organic crisped rice cereal Save-On and Ed's sells (same guys who make Koala Crisp, Gorilla Munch, etc). I can't go back to mushy regularly RK anymore, the Nature's Path stuff is so much crunchier and tastier. Also like, four ingredients. It all depends what's on sale between the NP stuff, GF Rice Krispie's or GF Chex for us.


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