Gluten Free Granola products by Girlnola

In the summer time Abisaac and I were in Ontario visiting family, attending a lovely wedding and then before coming home to Edmonton we took a few days to ourselves and went to Niagara Falls. On our way back we drove through and stopped in Niagara on the lake. I had driven by but never actually stopped anywhere there before. We checked out a local winery, learned how the grow their grapes, tasted the grapes right off the vine (my favorite part by the way) and of course sampled some fabulous wines.

We stopped and had lunch, which I know we've already shared with you, but then we stopped at a local Niagara on the Lake fruit stand. In reality it was way more than a fruit stand, it was a full store with an obvious emphasis on fresh Ontario grown fruits. We bought the most amazing peaches I have ever eaten in my entire life. Honestly, I didn't even make it into the car before I'd found a way to wash a peach and I dug right in. Mmmm just thinking about that peach makes me smile.

Anyways, while in this fruit stand (store) we of course took the opportunity to browse the aisles and check out everything they had to offer. I grabbed an advertisement for a new gluten free product they were showcasing called Girlnola. I apologize to everyone because I must have put this ad into my purse and forgotten about it until I used that purse again recently on another vacation. Sorry about that.

So it's a little late, but here it is. While I have not tried their products, they sure do sound good. Girlnola is a gluten free gourmet granola that is made with organic nuts, seeds and fruits, naturally sweetened and high in fiber and antioxidants and it is Canadian made. You can find these products online at

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  1. I always bring granola with me every day when I go to work.I want to try this one so I think I'll drop by long island gluten free stores and and check this one.


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