Another great gluten free find at Bulk Barn

We have said it before and I'm sure we will say it again, but I find it exciting when I find something new at Bulk Barn that is gluten free. In my pre-gluten free days friends and I would frequent Bulk Barn regularly. We would stock up on tasty snacks like banana chips and Hershey's chocolate kisses (my favorites) and all in portions that you choose for yourself at super decent prices.

Now that I am gluten free I have to be beyond careful about everything that I put in my mouth. I know you're all saying "duh Amanda we all know that". But the point is that Bulk Barn seems to continue to bring out new and different gluten free food items. While some people would not consider anywhere that sells bulk products to be clear enough of contamination, but for me I don't mind. It's a risk I'm willing to take on occasion. Truthfully, I do tend to stick to the packaged gluten free products, but it's not because of fear, it's more just because those are the items I seem to need most when I'm shopping in Bulk Barn.

Most recently I found these super flavorful bars called "The Simply Bar". They are high in protein (16g), low in calories (140 cal), gluten free, milk free, vegan, kosher and Canadian made. How can you go wrong?

They had a bunch of different flavors including cinnamon, lemon coconut and dark chocolate raspberry. I tried the lemon coconut Simply bar and it was really lemony. I know that's not a real word, but there just is no better word to describe it. My first bite contained a bit too much lemon flavor, but after that I found I really liked it. I liked the crunch of the bar, the texture of the bar and the fact that the bar contained only 13g carbohydrates.

Which one is your favorite?

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