One gluten free person can make a difference

Awhile ago I complained, I know I know you're totally shocked that I complained about something (kidding). I made an official complaint while at the cafeteria at the University of Alberta Hospital. You may or may not know or remember, but in the past they were offering a small variety of gluten free lunch items, beyond the order in advance Kinnikinick pizza. Anyways, over the past while those other gluten free lunch options were disappearing day by day. Before our vacation I ran into one of the head kitchen staff and while I'm sure they have a different title, the point is that I took my opportunity to share my frustration with the ever declining number of gluten free options available at lunchtime.

Well, we're back from vacation and today while in the cafeteria I noticed that they actually listened to me! Yup, it's true. All I really asked for was that they start to lable stuff that is gluten free as being gluten free, so that I (and others) won't need to ask the person doing the serving about the ingredients, because my experience is that those folks do not know if the item they are serving are gluten free or even if it even contains flour. Plus, I am always shocked and surprised at just how many food items have flour added to them when in all logic....they don't need it!

Needless to say, I was super excited and pleased to see that there were a little florescent yellow sticker on top of the sign showing the special of the day that read "Gluten Free". How wonderful is that!

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  1. You're really lucky to have facilities that accommodate this kind of request. In some places (including where I live), if you wish to avoid certain ingredients, you'd have to take some serious researching yourself because most food handlers are not competent enough to be reliable on this sort of information.

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