Kinnikinnick's gluten free products are now certified Kosher!

We recently learned about a new certification that Kinnikinnick recieved.  Our friend RL, who guest posts from time to time has been eagerly awaiting this certification.  She was so excited to learn of this, that she typed up the guest post below in a matter of minutes.  Thank you RL

In case you haven't heard...Kinnikinnick products are now certified Kosher!

The average person may not see this as significant, but for this gluten free kosher vegetarian, it is.

When a product is certified Kosher(pareve) it means that the product is free from dairy and meat products.  It's a really easy tool that can help any vegetarian identify if a food is right for their diet.  And with Kinnikinnick products one has the further knowledge that the product is Gluten Free!

Being Certified Kosher means that Kinnikinnick will hopefully now have their products available in such markets as Israel and the Middle East where issues of Kosher and Halal are of importance.  It will also mean that institutions with kosher kitchens, such as synagogues and hotels in Edmonton, across Canada and the United States, will be better equipped to cater to their gluten free clients.

Click here for the list of Kosher products now available at Kinnikinnick.

Click here to learn more about Orthodox Union and Kosher.

Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta


  1. I am to avoid gluten, diary and eggs. Are any of the breads free of these items?

  2. I don't think they are egg free, but all of their products are dairy free, nut free and gluten free.

  3. We don't believe they're egg cell free of charge, however all their items tend to be dairy products free of charge, enthusiast free of charge as well as gluten free of charge.

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