Have you tried Kinnikinnick's Gluten Free Soft Bread?

In January 2012, Kinnikinnick will be releasing their gluten free soft bread.  Currently, if you live in Edmonton you can pick up a load for under $5 at the Edmonton Kinnikinnick store.

Amanda and I recently drove by for our bi-weekly visit to the store.  Instead of buying our usual two loafs of the gluten free sunflower flax seed bread, we subbed out one loaf for their new gluten free soft bread.

gluten free tuna sandwich
We kind of took a double take when looking at it, like "huh? this is gluten free".  Looked just like it would if you got a loaf of bread at the local bakery.

It didn't take us long to take this bread for a test drive.  We toasted it, we sandwiched it, and we french toasted it all in the span of 24 hours.  We put it through the ringer, and it passed with flying colours.

Toasted gluten free Kinninnick soft bread
When we got home, we immediately pulled out a can of tuna and made our first gluten free tuna sandwich at home in over two years.  Yes, that's two years without having a gluten free tuna sandwich.

The bread also toasted very nicely and it held up well with the French toast.  After speaking with another friend that bought it earlier, I was told it should hold up well on the kitchen counter instead of freezing it.  She said it lasted 10 days on her counter.  That's crazy!

Another bonus for Amanda with the gluten free soft bread is that it was much lower in carbs per slice.  Which meant she was able to have two pieces of this soft bread, instead of just one of the flax seed bread or simple be able to just take less insulin for a snack of just one piece of bread.

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