Gluten Free Fish and Chips at Brits! NO WAY!

Gluten free deep fried pickles
Okay so get this, you can actually get gluten free fish in chips in Edmonton!  This was a great find by one of our Celiac friends Dani.  Dani has contributed a few posts for us in the past, so we were happy when she invited us out to Brits to check out their gluten free fish and chips.  And before you ask, yes they do use a dedicated fryer!

And to our surprise, not only could you have gluten free fish and chips, but gluten free deep fried pickles, deep fried oysters, and onion rings!

So was it good? Hell ya!  Did they charge extra for gluten free?  Hell no!  What a treat!  Not exactly the healthiest treat, but it was good.  For the fish, you have choices between several types including, Cod, Halibut and Haddock.  The pieces are huge, so you only need the 1 pc if you are looking to eat it all on your own.  Amanda and I both ordered 2 pcs each, and we had leftovers for lunch the next day.

Gluten free fish and chips (cod)
They also have imported specialty drinks from the UK like Cherry 7up.  This is a must try, because I have not seen gluten free fish and chips anywhere, ever in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto or anywhere in my travels.  Although Dani said she found out about Brits, because they have a location in PEI where she tried it out.

Anyways, let us know what you think about Brits.  Brits has two locations but we only went to the downtown location.  We are have not confirmed if the south end location has gluten free fish and chips or not.

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  1. this is very exciting news as I do miss fish & chips & onion rings. Am looking forward to trying it soon.

  2. I'm eating gluten free at the south ed location right now!

  3. We went to the south side location on the weekend and they charge an extra 10% for the gluten free batter.

  4. I have now been sick twice from eating at the downtown location. I was always told the tartar sauce was gluten free, however on my most recent visit they advised they could not confirm. There is never anyone there who can actually confirm whether or not it is but I believe that is probably what made me sick. Please use caution.

  5. FYI - Celiac warning. I was going to take my celiac son to the downtown location for fish and chips, but upon reading a few reviews I noticed that one mentioned they did gluten free deep fried Mars Bars. Mars Bars contain MALT which is on the No No list for Celiacs. I called and talked to a very helpful lady who seemed genuinely shocked when I told her to alert the kitchen manager about the Mars bars. I hope they cease doing the mars bars so celiac's can once again have yummy fish and chips.

  6. High Level Diner has gluten free fish and chips but only on Mondays. They are delicious btw!


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