Even the waiter at Red Robin knows better than me

I recently wrote about how "I can't believe I said that to someone with Celiac Disease", well, I did it again, kind of.  Amanda and I went to Red Robin, one of our favourite places to go to for a gluten free hamburger.  We went to the west end location in Edmonton, because its the closest one to us, and they are typically really good their catering to Amanda's gluten free diet.

Well this time I truly put my foot in my mouth.  I don't know what comes over me sometimes.  We saw the burger of the month promo which was a Jim Beam burger with BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, garlic butter, bacon and Swiss cheese.  Is your mouth watering yet?  Well, I let Amanda order first and she ordered it, with the lettuce wrap because as she told the waiter "I have a gluten allergy".  And then once again with my infinite wisdom, I said "I'll have the same but NORMAL".  Really after all the times Amanda reminds me that one of her pet peeves is people thinking she is not normal, I call the burger I order normal?  Boy did I kick myself after that one.  And to make it worse for me the waiter said it better when he repeated the order, and said, "And you would like the Jim Beam special, as-is...".  Great way to put it! Now why didn't I think of that?

Just a side note, as I mentioned above about how we like how the west end Red Robin location serves us; the server came back requesting Amanda order another hamburger because they were not able to confirm the ingredients of the special sweet BBQ sauce because its not a standard sauce.  Something we never thought of, but the staff looked into anyways.  Way to go Red Robin !

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  1. And last night at the Whitemud location, I learned the same about the guacamole. :-( What ate they putting in guacamole?! This will require a letter.

  2. Hey guys! Red Robin now offers a gluten free bun for an extra 99 cents! It is REALLY good. (Whitemud location is where we frequent...frequently) I inquired first before ordering it to find out what brand (there is one brand that another restaurant uses in the city which I don't care for in the least). Our server let us know that all the GF buns come from a supplier in the States and told me the brand. I've never heard of it and honestly can't remember. I thought Udi's was the best but this one at Red Robin's sure gives it a run for the money. I absolutely love the lettuce wrap but it's certainly nice to know that there is finally a option in the city to have a burger on a bun that tastes exactly like the real thing!

  3. Looks like I will need to become a difficult customer at Red Robin here in Maple Ridge BC
    This eatery is a chain so if it is feasable in Alberta it can happen in BC Thanks for the info


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