Calgary Flames Tom Kostopoulus on Letting people know you are gluten free

Recently Global Television in Calgary aired a great story about Calgary Flame, Tom Kostopoulos and how he is reaching out to the Celiac community in Calgary.  This article brought up something that we haven't really talked about yet, don't be shy about letting people know that you have Celiac Disease.

Tom talked about how he kept it a secret from his teammates over 9 years since his diagnosis.  He played for several NHL teams before reaching the Calgary Flames.  He said that he felt like it was not anyone elses business.  It seemed like he wasn't telling anyone because he was affraid of not fitting in or inconveniencing anyone.

I'm happy he changed his mind, and now he is working with the Canadian Celiac Association Calgary Chapter encouraging kids to talk about Celiac Disease, helping with awareness.  Tom goes on to say how you would be surprised what others would do for you if you do tell them you require a gluten free diet.  And its true, people do so much for you, and all sorts of people come out of the wood work helping you, accommodating you and even looking out for 'gluten free' stuff for you.

Great job Tom and Global TV on this story.

Click here to view the video.

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