To eat Gluten Free or not Gluten Free that is the question

We were recently in attendance at the Edmonton Chapter of the Celiac Association's Annual General Meeting (October 22) whereby we were elected as new members of the board of directors. I'll admit that I do not yet fully know what this role will entail, it is an exciting new challenge for both of us.

During the AGM meeting we met loads of new people and talked about living gluten free. We were pleased and excited to hear about some of the different restaurants that people had tried out, some with success stories and others with less successful results. However for me what sparked my attention was my discussion with a lovely lady *Erin who told me, quite frankly, that she "refuses to eat anything gluten free because she cannot stand the taste." I should clarify here that her partner is the one with celiac and not herself.

What really caught my attention was that she was willing to prepare two entirely separate meals every single day so as to not have to eat gluten free. What??? I know that I am very very very lucky to have a wonderful and super supportive husband (and family) who enjoys trying new recipes and also feels great pride when he can re-create a previously loved recipe that normally would contain gluten...gluten free instead. Abisaac and I have discussed this numerous times in the past, we do not intend to be doing double duty and cooking multiple meals at once for any reason.

When friends with other dietary restrictions or even likes/dislikes come over we find something that works for everyone. We do not make a special meal for me and another one for everyone else. Heck, when we had a potluck at our home we made accommodations to prevent cross contamination, but we did not prepare an entirely different meal.

As well, I was honestly shocked to hear her firm view on the lack of good tasting gluten free options available. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and there is no question, some gluten free products taste like sand, but truthfully we here at Gluten Free Edmonton have been able to run an entire website based on our findings & experiences related to gluten free living within Edmonton (and while travelling).

So I ask to you, our faithful readers: Tell us What is your favorite gluten free pre-packaged product?

*Names of people have been changed to protect privacy

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  1. I would encourage Erin to try again There used to be alot of awfull g/f homemade and packaged stuff with an air of indifference It was g/f so quit your gripping
    It is possible Erin,s first exposure to g/f was bad

  2. We love Tinkyada pasta and Udi's pizza crusts. I am not celiac, and I do not mind eating these products at all. Some of the Schar cookies are very decadent too!


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